July 5th, 2006

khunyoung, khunwoo

welcome :3

welcome to the first livejournal community for dio!! (please correct me if im wrong about this being the first community o.o)
dio is having their 1st maxi single titled 『硝子の海』 or "garasu no umi", and it will be released at a live sometime this month. a song clip can already be heard on their site in the discography section, so go check it out ^0^ the song sounds amazing *____*
and later, on august 19, dio will have a dvd shooting live at shibuya boxx :D
..i hope i can somehow get the cd and dvd ;A;

anyways...please join my community and show support for the band :D!! any questions or comments you have about this community can be asked in reply to this entry, thanks~!
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