October 8th, 2006

khunyoung, khunwoo

10.07 new release info!!!

dio is having a new single! the title is 白夜ニ燃ユル花 (byakuya ni moyuru hana), and it will be released on december 9th. the single is limited 1000 copies and includes 2 pv tracks!!

there will also be a new egoiz va dvd coming out on november 30, and dio will be on it! if anyone remembers the dvd shooting that dio had on august 19th..well, this dvd is what they did the shooting for :D the songs featured for dio are "last dance" and "garasu no umi".

is anyone else as excited as i am?? a single with 2 pvs, and a dvd with 2 live tracks?! and if its like the first egoiz dvd at all..there will also be a comment track :D!!