December 9th, 2006

Mikaru hawt

Happy Birthdays and a question!

Happy birthday for yesterday Mikaru!
Happy birthday for today Erina!

I heard you kicked ass at your live last night and your home fanbase is growing bigger too. ♥

Keep up the great work Dio!

I can't wait to hear the new version of Gurasu no Umi *g*
Hi guys.
I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything about the ex-members of ChelseA (Erina's old band) or anything about Azelea? I've been looking for Hina mainly and a friend found Leona on mixi.

AND! Does anyone have the single? Does it say who wrote the music at all on it? I know Erina wrote the music for ChelseA and I wanted to know if he's stll writing the music for Dio too.

Thanks \o/!
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