December 26th, 2007

khunyoung, khunwoo

12.26 europe tour schedule

dio have officially put up the schedule for their europe tour~ theres only one difference that i see, being that they changed this one:
2008/3/01 Lyon (Lyon - France)
to this:
2008/3/01 Les Abattoirs (Bourgoin Jallieu France)

otherwise, the rest of the schedule is the same as was posted before in the comm (and yes, all previously unconfirmed places such as berlin, barcelona, etc, are now confirmed) ^^ visit the live section of their ohp for the entire schedule if you would like to see it. no other specifications about the tour were made, so thats all the news about the tour for now.

..btw, the 26th was kei's birthday! ♥