May 5th, 2008

Mikaru <333333

Dio live in Poland

There's a possibility to organize a Dio's live in Poland on 25 of November 2008. But their manager made some conditions:
- the concert will be on Tuesday
- there will be at least 200 people
We need your help to do this. If someone from overseas is going to this live, please write your name and email (or other contact) here. We need this to send the whole list to their manager. If he'll be sure, that 200 people come, he'll do this live.
We really want this live, so please, help us... *pray*

And sorry for my bad english... m__^__m
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동방신기 ★ 재중「Gorgeous in Sunglasses」

Selling Kress Devia Demo

I'm selling the rare Demo CD of Kress Devia over at my journal, along with some other stuff.

So if you're interested, please have a look here.

I figured it would be okay to post it here, since it's Kei's ex-band :)
x-posted quite a bit, I'm afraid, sorry.