January 1st, 2009

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JRock Graphics Comm~

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year. :3

I'm just stopping by to let you know about epiclyintense, the JRock graphics community.
We're currently doing our best to become really active, and we need your help~!
We need graphic makers and lovers alike to make our community successful, so please, come and take a look!

All you have to do is click the link and Join~
Easy, right?

We are currently working on putting up a new layout, so don't worry about the messiness of the current one. :3
There is also a post in which you can suggest bands to put on a layout, so go check that out and suggest your favorite band!

Thanks very much. :3

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DIO Oni-Con Press Conference

I uh totally forgot to post here, but I finally finished transcribing (and getting it approved lol) and now DIO's press conference is up~ wheee.

Anyway, I'm linking instead of pasting the text because I'm lazy xD


Hope you enjoy! Or.. uhh, something. 

ayansai  's notes were good!
This is from a recording so. 

(watch me bork this html >o>)

Dio Instore Event (2008/12/28)

I finally had the time to type everything I remember from the instore...
There may be things I am missing, but I tried my best to type everything I remember. I'm not sure about the order of the questions, though...
Still, I hope you like my report!
(And I hope it's working... <.<" lj hates me right now.)

Collapse )Oh, and by the way:
A Happy New Year! =D