May 17th, 2009

Schwein no Isu Kyo

[AD] Translator needed! (this IS Dio-related, I promise)

Hey, everyone. I'm sorry to make my first post a slightly panicked advertisement, but I'm really in a bind here.

My name is Nana, and I'm one of four hosts of an internet radio show called Rainbow Revolution Radio (RRR for short, because I'm lazy ^^;)

The RRR team has a bit of an emergency: We desperately need a Japanese translator.

The woman who was kind enough to translate for us while we interviewed Ryo (ex. BLOOD) is going back to Japan, and will be unable to help us. As soon as we can work out the details, DIO -Distraught Overlord- will be joining us, so we need someone who is confident speaking both English and Japanese, who would like to translate for us during the interview.

If you can clearly and accurately translate between the two languages, or know anyone who can, PLEASE contact us as soon as possible.

To get in touch with RR, email us at or comment on this post.