December 29th, 2009


Seasonal Survery feat. Dio!!

Just a quick question. What is your Christmas plan?
Maybe it's a good idea to exchange presents with your friends!
By the way, it does happen a lot in Japan.

You don't know who brings what, but you eventually get something randomly such as by a roulette.

A Christmas party is a good chance to experience such heartwarming exchanges even though you have never done it before.♪
So, here we have Doi who appears last month's column as well! Dio announced a break, but they seem to be proceeding to the next step these days.
There have been some fans who felt worried, but Dio is just preparing for the next "sound" and going to let you hear it soon!
So how about sending a fan letter right now?! Dio answers questions about Christmas...
What will they say?
Please enjoy your reading to the end!

You can also read the last survey of Dio in multiple language versions!

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