January 14th, 2011

京 - Hair
  • kyouix


Tumblr Meme(?)

I need some serious followers on Tumblr. It's lonely! This is sort of a meme? I'm not sure.
Never done one of these before.

Please post warnings if your Tumblr contains explicit material.
Some followers may be younger and uncomfortable seeing such things.
Mine does. I tend to post a lot of naked ladies and dirty GIF's. Just a warning!
Please warn us of yours too.

Post your Tumblr links if you have them and I'll follow you, you follow me. The world will be great!
I need friends. Internet friends. I'm pathetic. Yay me!

My Tumblr is: kyouix.tumblr.com

It contains mostly JRock, KPop, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Travie McCoy, Cute aminals, Funny shit & Things I have edited.

I need to find a life.