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Dio Video Comment:Last Memories...A Message from Dio to Fans

Dio Video Comment
Last Memories...A Message from Dio to Fans
February 8th 2010

For this edition of the musicJAPANplus video comment, Dio will make an appearance!
With their live performance at Takadanobaba AREA on March 13th, Dio will come to an end. Right now they are busy making preparations for their final concert. They are planning to hand out a special DVD on that day. In between the filming they kindly made some time to send a comment for musicJAPANplus.
This video provides an intimate look at what Dio has been up to; something that all fans must have been wondering about. The members say that they've reached the decision to break up on positive terms. They've written and discussed about it in blogs and various other media. The video comment provides a glimpse of another side of their thoughts you normally don't get to see! Check it out!



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