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distraught -ディオ- overlord's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
distraught -ディオ- overlord

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New Band for ivy [
10.11.14 - 7.27pm


Ivy has joined a new band.
智亜 (Tomoa) is his new Name and the Band is called "Remming"


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denka in DIGRAS [
10.9.13 - 2.12pm

 So, as you know Mikaru has a new band, DIGRAS, and I just thought I'd confirm that denka is the drummer!

He didn't want to talk about it earlier but two days ago he finally said it,haha. Tonight they have their first live (or well in Japan they've already had it/are having it during the time I'm writing this).

I don't know about the other members, but I'm sure it will be clear soon.

Just in case anyone wanted to know.
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Selling Photo Set [
10.9.10 - 1.04am


Dio Photo Set
the mikaru one has a slight damage in the left corner

I ship worldwide from Germany.
I accept payment via paypal (you'll have to pay the fee) or bank transfer.

Also selling dio flyers at my selling journal.

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tour shirt 2008 [
10.9.7 - 3.36pm

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-- [
10.8.27 - 6.33pm

Hope this is fine to post, since it's to do with Mikaru.
Set up a community for Digras.


See you there~
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/// [
10.8.25 - 6.46pm

 Mikaru has updated his blog a bit, new header and user pic. Just thought I'd tell you~

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solding [
10.8.14 - 3.43pm

I would like to know if somebody would be interested by a comment and a sign from mikaru !!
thank you
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Selling tour T-shirt [
10.6.28 - 2.53pm

(Up for sale as its been a little bit small for me ever since I bought it in 2008@their London gig).
Hate to let it go as its wonderfuly amazing and still as new but...
Bought originally for £25. Size is Small (Size 8-10). Its black skinny fit with their huge logo down the front side on the left in bright red (See pics). Still in as new condition.


Close Up

Back is plain.

Selling for £20 ONO + Shipping from UK to anywhere. Contact on here or through my email (vk-jrocker-ham@hotmail.com)

Many thanks!
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Selling a DIO poster [
10.6.18 - 12.51am

Hey! I'm selling a brand new unused DIO poster.

Price is £8 and item ships from the UK. Have a look at my feedback here and my other sales here!
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Selling dio Live DVD [
10.6.17 - 7.35pm

Hi everyone,

I'm selling dios -Embrace at Distraught- live DVD.

Price is 35 €.
Shipping is not included.

I accept PayPal and (within the EU) bank transfer.
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icons [
10.6.17 - 2.17pm

dio~distraught overlord~ // mikaru [4]
supernatural [10]
vampire diaries [62]
vampire diaries cast [60]

rest here @ squidly_n 
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dio's cheki ! [
10.6.9 - 10.01pm

[ mood | anxious ]

I'm solding somes cheki from the last live, the last euro tour and the last summer tour!
price : 6euro
thank you

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Handmade Mikaru plushie for sale-SOLD [
10.5.12 - 11.52pm


Note me for more details please
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Opening Act to Dio Last Live in Tokyo [
10.5.3 - 4.44pm

Hello everyone,

at the Dio last live in Tokyo there was an opening act, a band I didn't know untill then. I was wondering if anyone knew their name.

Thanks a lot!
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Brand new DIO poster for sale. [
10.5.2 - 7.25am

It's completely new, unused and in mint condition (no scratches, rips, spots etc) it's around A3 size.

£4 UK price. I will ship anywhwere.
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DIO memorial DVD [
10.4.3 - 2.23am

Hello folks,

I went to Dio´s last live at takadanobaba arena and I got the memorial DVD, which came together with a purikura (in my case: kei and ivy). Since I´m not such a big fan of the band, I would like to sell it. The DVD contains footage from the last european tour and additional material.
If you like to have it, make me an reasonable offer.


Title: -Final Call- Memorial DVD
Playtime: approx. 1 hour
Footage: Euro Tour, comments ect.
Comes with: a purikura (ivy and kei)and my ticket from 2010.03.13
Shipping to Europe: 8 Euro (because I´m going to sent it from Japan)
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WTS! Spring Cleaning [
10.4.1 - 4.34pm

signed polaroids at my journal

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10.2.27 - 4.19pm


cuz i need more money for the coming tour, i decided to sale everything i hv got from 2006
bye bye my favourite stuffs~


purchasing more than 2stuffs/packages, i would give you a discount,
please contact, raven_rururu@hotmail.com
payment method: money order, paypal, concealed cash
*shipping is not included.
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Dio Video Comment:Last Memories...A Message from Dio to Fans [
10.2.24 - 7.17pm

Dio Video Comment
Last Memories...A Message from Dio to Fans
February 8th 2010

For this edition of the musicJAPANplus video comment, Dio will make an appearance!
With their live performance at Takadanobaba AREA on March 13th, Dio will come to an end. Right now they are busy making preparations for their final concert. They are planning to hand out a special DVD on that day. In between the filming they kindly made some time to send a comment for musicJAPANplus.
This video provides an intimate look at what Dio has been up to; something that all fans must have been wondering about. The members say that they've reached the decision to break up on positive terms. They've written and discussed about it in blogs and various other media. The video comment provides a glimpse of another side of their thoughts you normally don't get to see! Check it out!



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Dio ~distraught overlord~ disbanding & restarting [
10.1.23 - 5.04pm
March 13th will be their final live under their current name.

Afterward, they will restart under a new name.

source @ OHP.
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