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Dio's announcement

Dio finally made their big announcement, and it's a bit disappointing (but not?). On March 13th at Takadanobaba AREA, Dio will have their disbanding oneman called "FINAL CALL". This is sad of course, but if you read the message you'll understand why it's not completely bad. I did this quick translation of the message on the OHP, so I'm sorry if there are any errors, but I think you'll get the idea!

On March 13th, Dio will disband.

From our formation on May 14th, 2006, for these 3 years and 8 months, thanks to all the fans who supported us and our authorized people, we were able to make our music.

Of course our fans in Japan, and our fans throughout the world that enjoyed our lives and recordings, to us have a very large existence, and being able to cross over borders and language barriers was a very wonderful learning experience.

And, when we returned from our overseas tours, the existence of our waiting fans in Japan supported us.

When our October European tour ended and our full-blown pause started, we had every intentioin of resuming activities normally, but as a result of many discussions among the members, we questioned that maybe not as a revival of Dio, but restarting as a new band seemed to be the best road to take, and we arrived at this decision.

To those who waited for the revival of Dio, we're very sorry.
But without fail, we will come back in order to deliver a brand new recording.

Until then, it will still take a bit more time, so please wait for us.

And, we will go forward with our last oneman live as Dio on March 13th.
By all means, we'll be happy if you come to see us at the live hall.

This will be the end, and up until now, thank you very much.

Dio members
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Seasonal Survery feat. Dio!!

Just a quick question. What is your Christmas plan?
Maybe it's a good idea to exchange presents with your friends!
By the way, it does happen a lot in Japan.

You don't know who brings what, but you eventually get something randomly such as by a roulette.

A Christmas party is a good chance to experience such heartwarming exchanges even though you have never done it before.♪
So, here we have Doi who appears last month's column as well! Dio announced a break, but they seem to be proceeding to the next step these days.
There have been some fans who felt worried, but Dio is just preparing for the next "sound" and going to let you hear it soon!
So how about sending a fan letter right now?! Dio answers questions about Christmas...
What will they say?
Please enjoy your reading to the end!

You can also read the last survey of Dio in multiple language versions!

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Seasonal Survery feat. denka from Dio!!

Seasonal Survey revived from this month!!

[Seasonal Survey] FALL TO WINTER Q&A feat. Dio


It is getting cold in Tokyo in December, and fall is turning to winter now that you can't stand without a coat and a muffler. How's your town? In Japan, around this time, people send "nengajyo" (new year's cards) to others. Nengajyo is a card that you send to your friends and people you know with a message of celebrating new year. How about sending some postcards to people you love this time? Also to your favorite artists!

By the way, the artist who appears for Seasonal Survery this time, is denka from Dio! He shares his winter life and some events held during the end of year and new year! Also questions on holiday are answered with his drawing! Pleas enjoy!